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Panzer Grenadier:
1942, The Defense of France

When France fell to the Germans in June 1940, she possessed a strong force of tanks and armored vehicles – many of them technologically superior to those of the Germans. Yet even better tanks and guns had been designed. Some of these existed as prototypes, and some had even entered production but had not reached front-line troops in significant numbers.

1942: The Defense of France gives the French Army the chance to deploy these weapons against the German invaders. The high-velocity 47mm APX anti-tank gun did appear in time for the 1940 campaign, but only in very small numbers – not enough to influence the course of the campaign. That’s not the case here, and the French also receive the planned new versions of the Somua S35 medium tank (the S41), Char B1bis heavy tank (the B1ter) and the new AMX38 light tank, all armed with the tank version of the APX gun and with larger turrets and crews than the earlier models.

And there’s more, starting with the 75mm TAZ 39 anti-tank gun, the big brother of the 47mm APX, and the 90mm anti-aircraft gun, usable in an anti-tank role as well. The French also receive some additional first-line infantry, and the fully-tracked Lorraine 39 armored personnel carrier to bring them into battle. And finally, the Germans receive a battalion’s worth of the PzKpfw 747r – the Soviet-made T34 in German service.

But how to use all this heavy gear? 1942: The Defense of France includes a set of 10 scenarios (that’s as many as some publishers will give you in what they call a “complete” boxed game), taking place as a small story arc in our Long War alternative history setting. Would the improved French armor and anti-tank guns have made a difference? You get to answer that.

1942: The Defense of France is a supplement for Panzer Grenadier: 1940 The Fall of France. It is not a complete game: ownership of 1940 and Kursk: Burning Tigers is necessary to play all of the 10 scenarios included. 1942: The Defense of France also includes 88 playing pieces.

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.


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