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A New Day For Avalanche Press

April 1, 2005. For close to a dozen years, Avalanche Press has produced games about war. During that time, we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of conflict simulations that brought the perversions of Dead White European Males to your kitchen table. We’ve trained SEALS to wage war on the oppressed peoples of the Third World. We’ve profited from death and destruction.

No more.

Today, Avalanche Press is announcing a total shift in our world-view. No longer will we make games about war. From today forward, we shall make games of peace.

What’s more, it’s long past time that we embraced the collectible card game phenomenon. Collectible card games are what the people want — why else would so many game publishers take that plunge? From here onward, Avalanche Press will forego maps and counters altogether for the card packs that gamers demand!

We are therefore proud to announce our first game embracing both nonviolence and the CCG phenomenon. . . .

Gandhi: The Resisting

In Gandhi, players cooperate to bring peaceful social justice to the oppressed people of India. In this game, everyone’s a winner! As Mohandas K. Gandhi said, What kind of victory is it when someone is left defeated?

Players draw from the Raj deck to reveal the moves of the anthrocentric, imperialist white males, and must counter with skilfull play of cards from their own pre-constructed Satyagraha decks.

Each starter set contains one Raj deck and 22 Satyagraha cards. Booster sets (wrapped in biodegradable paper rather than the oil-based plastics foisted upon us by the patriarchal corporate mindset) include 11 cards, packed randomly to assure that all players have an equal chance to acquire rare cards such as Making Salt, Bath in the Ganges and, the rarest of all, Belligerent Mahatma. (As Gandhi himself once said: “Do not make me angry. You would not like me when I am angry”.)

Look for Gandhi: The Resisting in game shops, bookstores, and grocery checkout aisles everywhere this fall!

April Fools!
Coming soon to a store near you!