Leyte 1944:
Corrections and Clarifications

Scenario Eleven: Tanks in the Night

Under the victory conditions:
AND at least 12 Japanese steps have been eliminated.

Should be: AND at least 2 Japanese steps have been eliminated.
As clearly there are not even 12 Japanese steps.

Scenario Twenty Seven: Kilay Ridge

The Japanese set up second.
Under the victory condition for the Japanese it should say all 60-meter hexes are Japanese- controlled at the end of play, not American.

Scenario Twenty Eight: Texas Horse Soldiers

Under victory conditions:
The 80-Metter Hill hex….. Should say: The 60-Meter Hill hex, a there are no 80-meter hills on this map,

Scenario Thirty-Six: The Last Airfield

The Americans set up first.

Scenario Forty-Two: Vlug’s Bazooka

Japanese enter on the south edge of the map on turn one or later.

Scenario Forty-Four: Lost Angels

The Americans set up first.