Panzer Grenadier Divisional Downloads

The Panzer Grenadier series has over 1,200 scenarios in print, with thousands of playing pieces and dozens of maps. The pieces represent generic units of their nationality: infantry and tank platoons, cavalry squadrons and artillery batteries.

But you can add more color to your games with these special sets representing elite divisions that fought in many theaters of war. These special divisional sets are available to members of the Gold Club for free.

These are downloads, not die-cut printed sets - you will have to put the pieces together yourself.

Grossdeutschland 1943


The German regular army’s elite fire brigade, Panzer Grenadier Division Grossdeutschland spearheaded the attacks at Kursk. This set of 176 Panzer Grenadier pieces portrays the division in its own special color scheme.

Desert Rat Division


Britain’s best-known division of the Second World War, the 7th Armoured began as the Mobile Division (Egypt), part of the Western Desert Force in 1938, becoming Armoured Division (Egypt) the next year and finally 7th Armoured Division in early 1940. This set of 176 Panzer Grenadier pieces portrays the division in its own special color scheme.

Division Marocaine


Formed in October 1939 from three regiments of long-service professionals, the 1st Moroccan Infantry Division immediately became one of the French Army’s elite units. This set of 176 Panzer Grenadier pieces portrays the French 1st Moroccan Infantry Division in May and June of 1940.

DeGaulle’s Division


Charles DeGaulle’s hastily assembled 4th Division Cuirassée de Réserve (Armored Division) inflicted repeated defeats on the German 10th Panzer Division and showed what French tanks and crews could accomplish when aggressively led. This set features 253 pieces showing the tanks, troops and vehicles in their own special color scheme, so you can send the entire division into battle against the Nazis.

Panzer Division


The crack German 1st Panzer Division as it stood in June 1941. This set has 330 pieces, with all of the panzers and troops and guns all bearing the division’s unique symbol.

Moscow Rifles


The elite 1st Moscow Motorized Rifle Division out-fought Heinz Gunderian’s panzers at Borisov and Orsha in July 1941, becoming the 1st Guards Motorized Rifle Division in September. This set of 495 pieces shows the division as it stood during its epic stand to bar the road to Moscow, with 495 pieces in a unique color scheme including dozens of T-34, T-35 and BT-7 tanks.

Texas Division


The Texas National Guard’s centrepiece, the 36th Infantry Division saw action at Salerno, San Pietro and Monte Cassino as well as in southern France, the Rhone frontier and southern Germany. This set of 253 pieces displays the division with its own unique symbol.

Ariete Division

Italy’s best armored division - and one of the finest fighting formations of World War II - moved to North Africa in early 1941 and spent the next year and a half in constant combat against the British and Commonwealth armies across Libya and Egypt. Ariete amassed an awesome combat record despite its inadequate tanks, weak artillery and general lack of motor vehicles.

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