Great War at Sea:
Great White Fleet

Between December 1907 and February 1909, a fleet of sixteen American battleships steamed around the world. President Theodore Roosevelt saw it as a display of American naval power, and the ships and sailors received warm greetings in most ports where they called.

But at each port of call, local newspapers compared the American force to their own navies, and posited how a battle between them might turn out. In Great White Fleet, the Americans steam around the world, meet interesting people from fascinating cultures, and fight them.

Great White Fleet is a full-sized, 64-page book filled with scenarios and story. It’s out of print for a reason: most every game on which it draws for maps and pieces is likewise out of print. You can make most of the scenarios work using maps and pieces from current games, though. And it’s hard to beat the price, if you’re a Gold Club member. And if you’re not a member, well, you should be.

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