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Great War at Sea:
Monroe Doctrine

In 1823, U.S. President James Monroe laid out the doctrine that would bear his name: any attempt by a European power to control or even manipulate a sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere would be seen as a direct threat to American security.

By the dawn of the 20th Century, the United States finally had a Navy capable of backing Monroe’s bold words with force. And the young nation’s future, naval theorist Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote, rested on control of the Caribbean Sea, “America’s Mediterranean.”

Monroe Doctrine is a Great War at Sea scenario/analysis book, looking at potential naval warfare in the Caribbean Basin between 1900 and 1914. It’s got three major sections:

First, we look at how the Spanish-American naval war might have been fought had it taken place a little earlier or a little later, using those ships from Remember the Maine that don’t see enough action in that game’s scenarios.

Next, we look at the Caribbean in 1914, when the German light cruiser Karlsruhe ravaged Allied shipping, sinking 16 merchant vessels before she accidentally blew up. And we look at the planned deployment of two German battle cruisers to the Caribbean to celebrate the 3 August 1914 opening of the Panama Canal; Britain declared war on Germany on the next day.

And finally, we study the German Operations Plan III and its American counterpart, War Plan Black, all concerned with a German invasion of Puerto Rico in the years before the First World War. You get plenty of German/American pre-dreadnought action.

You’ll need Remember the Maine, Cruiser Warfare and Jutland to play all of the scenarios.


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