Panzer Grenadier: Nihon Silk

After observing German successes in early 1940 with parachute drops, the warriors of Nihon (Japan) ignited their own airborne program. In keeping with their traditional rivalry, the Imperial Japanese Navy and Imperial Japanese Army competed against each other with equivalent paratroop formations. These lightly armed parachute units were intended to assault coastal areas, support amphibious landings or seize enemy airfields and other strategic objectives. They were not meant to become entangled in heavy, pitched land battles. However, their operational use would prove to be contrary to this doctrine.

Nihon Silk is a supplement for the Panzer Grenadier system from designer Jay Townsend. It takes players from early 1942 through late summer of 1945, as numerous Allied nations tackle the Japanese paratroopers. And for you tank aficionados, we’ve included the battle of San Manuel in the Philippines in 1945. This supplement also adds 165 fabulous new playing pieces and markers to your Panzer Grenadier fun! That’s right — Dutch troops and tankettes, Japanese tanks and other armored vehicles, airfield and oil refinery markers, and even an Australian Brigadier (in shorts, of course)! Nihon Silk requires ownership of Guadalcanal, Kokoda Trail, Road to Berlin, Battle of the Bulge and Afrika Korps to play.


10 Scenarios
165 Playing Pieces

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