Great War at Sea:
U.S. Navy Plan Orange

In 1897, following a dispute over Hawaii, the United States Navy began to consider the possibility of war with the rapidly-growing Japanese Empire. Planning became more serious starting in 1907, and over the next 34 years War Plan Orange, a blueprint for a naval war between the United States and Japan, would be steadily updated. The outlines remained the same: following a Japanese attack, the American Pacific Fleet would steam across the Pacific Ocean to rescue the American colony of the Philippines from the Japanese.

Great War at Sea: U.S. Navy Plan Orange is a game based on those plans, and those of Britain’s Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy. In our game the war takes place in the early 1920’s, as Britain and Japan join together to fight the United States.

You get:

Two huge operational maps covering the waters surrounding the Philippines, Indonesia and South-East Asia (the same maps as those in Java Sea).

Three hundred fifty (350) new pieces, die-cut-and-silky smooth, 210 of them double-sized ship pieces.

Great War at Sea Second Edition rules set.

Forty scenarios, telling the story of this naval war that never happened.


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