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Over the years, we’ve brought you lots and lots of alternative and counter-factual histories, so many that we’ve lost count of them ourselves. But not until now have we looked at the most brilliant aspect of 21st-Century war-fighting: the PowerPoint presentation. Yes, we’re finally asking the question tens of thousands of American soldiers have pondered (no, the other one, not “Where can I find a pencil to jam into my eyeball right now?”): “What if the U.S. Army had had PowerPoint during World War II?”

Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.
Brig. Gen. H.R. McMaster, 2005.

PowerPoint makes us stupid.
Gen. James M. Mattis, also 2005.

Okay, so not everyone appreciates the war-fighting power of a six-hour session sitting in front of a screen trying to decipher tiny type and blurry images while that voice drones on and on. What do those two bozos know anyway? If they’d known how to make lists of bullet points, they’d still have their jobs!

With The Book of Real War-Fighting, you too can be a PowerPoint Ranger! Create lists, make circles with words in them and draw colored lines between them – just like real soldiers do! No force on the planet can stand against flow charts and bullet points – they’re way deadlier than actual, you know, bullets. Just look at how Gen. Stanley McCrystal won the war in Afghanistan:

Note: This is an actual U.S. Army PowerPoint slide. We couldn’t make this shit up.

The Book of Real War-Fighting includes no software, no pieces and nothing of any use whatsoever – just like the real thing! You’ve paid way more than $39.99 for way less than that. Order today!

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Price: $39.99

Status: We'll fix it in the Living Rules.

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