Bomb Alley:
The Tsar's Navy

Back before we told the tale of the Second Great War at Sea, we issued several loosely-connected (well, pretty much not at all connected) alternative-history naval game expansions set in a world where the great empires survived the First World War to fight again a generation later.

Ioann Zlatoust   Bogatyr   Uraletz

Among these was The Tsar’s Navy, which added the Impieral Russian Navy, based out of conquered Constantinople. It was an expansion for the now long-out-of-print Bomb Alley, but didn’t otherwise connect with the other, similar expansion sets.

We’ve replaced it in the Second Great War story arc with a completely new book called Sword of the Sea. How completely new? Completely new enough that we don’t mind gifting The Tsar’s Navy to our Gold Club. You need the new book.

MiG-5   Alexander III   Evpatoria   Pe-12

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