Second World War at Sea:
The Tsar's Navy

When the Tsar of All the Russias plunged his empire into the madness of World War One, his Navy had begun an expansion program that would have put it in the first rank of world fleets. Rapid economic growth promised the resources to pay for these dreams as Russian expansion seemed set to dwarf Western Europe's gains during the previous century's Industrial Revolution.

None of that would come to pass. Russian yards would built two classes of Italian-inspired dreadnought battleships, but the first battle cruisers never got out of the shipyards and the plans for even bigger and faster ships remained on the drafting tables. The remnants of the Tsar's fleet would serve new masters, and the Soviet Union would embark on its own naval program almost 20 years after the murders of Nicholas and his family. But Imperial Russia's blue water navy would remain an unfulfilled fantasy.

Ioann Zlatoust   Bogatyr   Uraletz

The Tsar's Navy is a Second World War at Sea supplement exploring the alternate history possibilities had Imperial Russia survived the First World War and continued its naval expansion plans. Just like Second World War at Sea: Imperial & Royal Navy, it comes as a .pdf download: you get everything right away, but you will have to assemble the playing pieces yourself. It has everything you expect in a naval game supplement: scenarios, ship data sheets, and playing pieces.

The supplement includes ten scenarios, or separate game situations, based on battles that might have been waged by the Imperial Russian Navy in the Black and Mediterranean Seas. The pieces represent the ships of the Black Sea Fleet: modernized older dreadnoughts, modernized versions of the ships not completed, and some of those planned or discussed but never built. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of Bomb Alley, Arctic Convoy and Imperial and Royal Navy to enjoy all of the scenarios.

MiG-5   Alexander III   Evpatoria   Pe-12

This item is no longer available.


STK #1506