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Second Great War at Sea:
Sword of the Sea

Our Second Great War at Sea alternative-history story arc looks at naval campaigns in a world where the First Great War ended in late 1916, allowing the great empires to survive for another generation and clash again in 1940.
Sword of the Sea brings the naval action to the Red Sea, Gulf and Aden and Persian Gulf as the Ottoman Turkish fleet and its German allies face the Imperial Persian Fleet with Indian (!) and Italian support.

You get 180 new silky smooth, die-cut playing pieces: 100 of them double-sized “long” pieces depicting major warships and the remaining 80 normal-sized square ones representing small warships, transports, aircraft and some markers needed for play. Ships and aircraft bring the Ottoman Turkish and Imperial Persian navies that never existed to your game table.

Sword of the Sea includes 33 new scenarios telling the story of this alternative Second Great War in Middle Eastern waters. Sword of the Sea is not a complete game and is not playable by itself; you’ll need Horn of Africa (and only Horn of Africa).

The Second Great War at Sea is an exercise in world-building never seen in wargame publishing; our Second Great War background book tells the full story of this history that never happened.


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