Black Panthers:
Black Lives That Mattered

Our Daily Content designer preview for Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers had an overwhelmingly (as in, completely) positive response, including a surge of gamers wanting to buy the book.

So we’ve decided to double the size of Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers to make it a regular expansion book, given the importance of the subject and its wealth and depth of history. Anyone can tell you that Black lives matter in bland corporatespeak; we want to show you just a few of America’s Black heroes in action. Deeds not words, my friends.

We’re also moving it up our production schedule to bring it out as soon as possible. Which isn’t all that soon, because we’re not very fast. But sooner than it was going to appear.

Black Panthers includes a dozen new Panzer Grenadier scenarios; you’ll need Elsenborn Ridge to play them. You get 24 new Panzer Grenadier pieces, showing the tanks of the 761st Tank Battalion in their own special color scheme.

Black Panthers is not ready for shipping yet - we’ve just now put it into production, so it will be about six weeks before it releases. If you order now, you can score a special 20% early discount with coupon code PANTHER.

You can also order Elsenborn Ridge (which you’ll need to play Black Panthers) at a special 20% discount with coupon code PANTHER. The game doesn’t have a box (thanks, covid) so don’t be upset when it shows up naked.

Gold Club members can use their maximum discount to order the book separately, or can get it for free as a special sales incentive (see your Gold Club Insider). That deal’s still in place, even for the now-larger book. It’s good to be in the Gold Club.

You can order Black Panthers right here.
Use coupon code PANTHER. Allow six weeks for delivery.

You can order Elsenborn Ridge right here.
Use coupon code PANTHER.