Java Sea:
Modifiable Ship Data Sheets

By Jeffrey Staben
May 2024

Second World War at Sea: Java Sea is all about the Japanese offensives in South-East Asian waters during the first three months of the Pacific War. Its got 27 new scenarios (10 operational, 17 battle) in five chapters following our story-arc format.

These alternate ship data sheets make it even easier to play. Theyre in Excel format, and can be altered as ships receive damage - PLUS each scenario gets its own data sheet!

Java Sea Excel data sheets

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More Fun!

Java Sea: Royal Thai Navy
Royal Thai Navy is focused on the 1941 Franco-Thai War and other potential operations by Thailand’s small but modern navy during World War II. All of the pieces needed are included in our Java Sea game; this book gives you 10 scenarios so you can play with them. You’ll need Java Sea to play the scenarios. $12.99. This Campaign Study is not yet available.

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Please allow an extra three weeks for delivery.

Java Sea: Wicked Sisters
Thirteen scenarios tell the story of a mission that never happened: the rumored journey of the German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen to the Far East in early 1942. You’ll need Bismarck Second Edition or Playbook Edition, South Pacific, Horn of Africa, Eastern Fleet and Java Sea to play the scenarios. $12.99.

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