Panzer Grenadier
Fire in the Steppe:
49th Mountain Corps
A Campaign Study

The massive tank battle at Brody-Dubno in June 1941 included the two divisions of the German 49th Mountain Corps and the Adolf Hitler Life Guard Motorized Regiment of the Waffen SS party militia. We didn’t include their battles in Fire in the Steppe, our game based on the clashes at Brody and Dubno, since Fire in the Steppe doesn’t include pieces for German mountain troops or SS scum.

49th Mountain Corps is a Campaign Study, a short book adding 10 scenarios based on these battles to Fire in the Steppe. This is a thing that really happened! To play those 10 scenarios (which come with two battle games, too), you’ll also need Fire in the Steppe, Parachutes Over Crete and Slovakia’s War.


Publisher's Preview
Scenario Preview, Part One
Scenario Preview, Part Two
Scenario Preview, Part Three

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