Panzer Grenadier
Elsenborn Ridge:
Britain’s Battle of the Bulge
A Campaign Study

Soon after the 16 December 1944 German attack in the Ardennes, British troops began moving into position for a counter-attack. By late December the British XXX Corps was heavily involved in helping push back the German Sixth Panzer Army, advancing alongside the Americans to erase all German gains by early January.

The Battle of the Bulge is rightly celebrated as an American victory; most troops involved were Americans, and most casualties likewise were Americans. But the British Army fought as well, and we celebrate their victories over fascism as well.

In this short book, Philippe Léonard presents eleven scenarios from the epic British struggle to stop and turn back the Nazi tide. Plus, we tell you the story of this little-known yet crucial battle. You’ll need Elsenborn Ridge and Liberation 1944 to play the scenarios.


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The Story, Part One
The Story, Part Two
Scenario Preview, Part One
Scenario Preview, Part Two
Scenario Preview, Part Three
Scenario Preview, Part Four
Scenario Preview, Part Five

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