Island of Death
Fortress Malta

Sitting astride the Mediterranean sea lanes, Malta stood in the way of Axis dreams of world dominion. To conquer North Africa, Italian and German troops would have to take the island. To hold on in Africa and turn back the rising tide of evil, the British-Maltese garrison would have to hold out against overwhelming odds.

Now out of print, Island of Death is a game based on German and Italian plans to capture the strategic island, a battle that never actually took place. Now Fortress Malta extends the game to look at other alternative plans and defenses. It is not playable by itself; Island of Death is required to enjoy the scenarios presented in Fortress Malta.

New variations include:

The 1940 Italian plan to invade Malta. With a single division and a handful of Libyan paratroopers, Air Marshal Italo Balbo proposed a radical strike at the outbreak of war. While the invading force was slender, so was the defense.

Mercury over Malta. The German plan to strike Malta instead of Crete in May 1941, with 7th Flieger Division.

Italian Airborne Corps. Drop both the Nembo and Folgore divisions on Malta, and see what Italy's finest can do without the Germans holding them back.

Alternate Attackers. Axis planners had numerous options available to them, and you get to try them out: additional German paratroopers, another Italian division, captured Soviet tanks in German service, and more.

Plus the book includes looks at Italian and German planning for the Malta invasion, the British garrison and Malta's place in World War II history as well as historical background and design notes. With 420 (!) playing pieces, this turns a small game into a major study of the invasion of Malta, with vast re-play opportunities.

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

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