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Panzer Grenadier (Modern)
Cold War: Fulda Gap 1968

During the decades of the Cold War, the Fulda Gap sat astride the border between East and West Germany. Through these lowlands, Soviet tanks of the Eighth Guards Army could rampage across West Germany to capture the strategic objective of Frankfurt. And so the American V and West German III Corps settled in to defend this vital ground.

Cold War: Fulda Gap 1968 is a game based on the battles for this carefully-studied invasion route. Both sides expected to fight there, and they planned, trained and equipped themselves for battle here. The Soviets bring waves of armor and infantry fighting vehicles, spearheaded by the new T-62 main battle tank. The Americans and Germans counter with the M60 and the Leopard 1, carefully chosen defensive positions, and the hope of air superiority.

Fulda Gap 1968 includes 40 scenarios of these massive armored battles, organized in our popular story arc format with a full background story and battle games to tie the scenarios together.

The game system is the same as that in Panzer Grenadier (Modern): 1967 Sword of Israel: if you’ve played that game, you already know how to play this one. If you’ve played any Panzer Grenadier game (our World War II series), you pretty much know how to play this one, too. The maps are divided into hexagons, each representing a space 200 meters across. Units represent platoons of tanks and infantry, batteries of artillery and anti-tank or anti-aircraft guns, and flights of three to five helicopters or aircraft.

Fulda Gap 1968 includes four new maps (compatible with any others in the series, including Panzer Grenadier and Infantry Attacks) plus 517 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces.


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Price: $79.99

Status: Coming in 2020