Panzer Grenadier
Gates of Leningrad

In the summer of 1941, German panzer spearheads pushed towards Leningrad, Cradle of the Revolution. Adolf Hitler declared the city's capture to be the leading objective of Operation Barbarossa, the June 1941 sneak attack on the Soviet Union. Desperate to stop them and preserve the city of Peter the Great, the Red Army repeatedly made valiant efforts to stop them, and just as often, the Germans rolled over and around them. By August the city had been isolated from the rest of the Soviet Union, but its defenders refused to yield. For 900 days they held against savage Nazi bombardments, writing an epic chapter in the story of the Great Patriotic War.

Gates of Leningrad is a complete Panzer Grenadier game based on based on the German drive to capture Leningrad, and the Soviet defense of the approaches. There are 30 scenarios based on these battles, organized into ten “battle games” that allow you to play the scenarios in sequence toward your army’s operational goals.

Gates of Leningrad includes 517 playing pieces and four heavy cardstock maps.

Stuff Included:
• 517 playing pieces
• Four rigid cardstock maps
• Thirty-three scenarios


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Price: $79.99

Status: Coming in 2019