Saipan 1944:
Japanese Armor

This downloadable expansion set, exclusively for Gold Club members, puts its focus on Panzer Grenadier: Saipan 1944, with two variants: Riflemen of Saipan and Armor on Saipan.

Riflemen of Saipan looks at the 1944 Marine rifle platoon, a powerful organization designed for maximum firepower to repel Japanese banzai charges. We may have made them a little too powerful in the first printing of Saipan 1944, and so we've included a full set of 24 Marine Rifle platoons with a lower (but still pretty awesome) direct fire value.

Saipan 1944 includes a number of Japanese tank platoons - there were actual tank battles on Saipan, and they went really badly for the Japanese. It didn't help that many of the tanks intended for Saipan never made it, as their transport fell prey to an American submarine. But even if they had been present, they were no match for the Marine and Army Shermans.

Armor on Saipan adds 16 new Japanese tank pieces, of the models the Japanese hoped would stand up to American tanks: the Type 1 and Type 3 medium tanks, and Type 4 heavy tank.

There are 40 new playing pieces!

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Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.


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