Sea of Iron:
Finnish Fantasy Fleet

This downloadable expansion set, exclusively for Gold Club members, puts its focus on Second World War at Sea: Sea of Iron with 20 new ship pieces.

The Finns relied on large-caliber coast-defense guns to protect their long, rocky coastline with its countless small islands and skerries: over 1,200 kilometers’ worth. To support the powerful but immobile big guns, Finnish strategy called for small, armored coast-defense ships that could slip between the islands and torpedo-armed ships to dart out and sink attacking enemy warships.

That never came to pass: the Finns built two top-heavy armored gunboats which they called “battleships,” but never funded the third member of the class. A handful of motor torpedo boats would be fielded during the Second World War, but plans to build or buy a group of six small destroyers repeatedly failed to win Parliamentary approval.

Finnish Fantasy Fleet includes 20 new playing pieces representing these new ships, plus a couple of new Sea of Iron scenarios so you can fight wih your Finns.

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Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

Finland's Fantasy Fleet
Finnish Ship Data

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