Great War At Sea:
U.S. Navy Plan Olive

The United States seized Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898, and made Cuba a puppet state. The Spanish-American War made the United States a colonial power, and marked the first time it had defeated a European power, even if a second-rate one.

In later years, the U.S. Navy would develop a set of war plans for potential conflict against a myriad of foes. War Plan Olive concerned war with Spain, a remote possibility – unless Spain carried out her fleet rebuilding plans, and returned to the Caribbean to reclaim her empire.

U.S. Navy Plan Olive is an expansion set for Great War at Sea: Remember the Maine. A generation later, the restored Spanish Armada is out to take Cuba and Puerto Rico back from the Americans, while the U.S. Navy is forced to defend their country’s colonial possessions.

It’s all told in our story-arc format, with 30 new scenarios telling the story of this naval war that never happened.

The book comes with 160 playing pieces: 120 of them are double-sized ones showing the dreadnoughts and cruisers of the United States and Spain; the other forty are merely normal-sized for the smaller ships and the handful of aircraft.

We get ships that actually existed, to help flesh out the United States Navy’s presence in the Great War at Sea series. And some that did not, like the new dreadnoughts planned by Spain but never actually built.

The United States Navy is an unbalanced force, as it was historically, leaning heavily toward dreadnought battleships (and some late-model pre-dreadnoughts) at the expense of the cruisers still needed for screening and scouting. The Spanish, as in 1898, have concentrated on fast, heavily-armed cruisers, allowing them to disrupt American communications.


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