Panzer Grenadier
1940: Polish Exiles
A Campaign Study

Bo wolność krzyżami się mierzy

On 21 September 1939, as Polish troops continued to resist German and Soviet invaders, the Polish Army in France began to form. Polish soldiers who had escaped over the country’s neutral borders joined Poles from around the world, chiefly Polish workers resident in France.

By May 1940 the Polish Army in France numbered four divisions and two brigades, with plans for more as recruits either escaped Poland or journeyed to France from elsewhere. When the German launched their long-awaited offensive, the Poles fought them, maintaining stout resistance even as the French Army crumbled around them.

1940: Polish Exiles is a Panzer Grenadier Campaign study by Philippe Léonard that’s based on the heroic battles waged by these Polish exiles, with 11 new scenarios. You’ll need The Deluge, 1940: The Fall of France and 1940: Swallows of Death to play all of the scenarios.


Polish Army in France, Part One

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Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
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      1940: Polish Exiles
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