Infantry Attacks:
Devil Dogs

Retreat? Hell, we just got here.
Capt. Lloyd W. Williams, USMC 3 June 1918

In late 1917, the first American troops arrived in France to join the fight against Imperial Germany. They included a brigade of U.S. Marines, long-service professionals who’d seen action in China, Haiti, Veracruz, the Dominican Republic and even more places. They soon added names like Belleau Wood, Mont Blanc Ridge, Soissons and Chateau-Thierry to their roll of honor.

The Marines swiftly gained a reputation for their fighting ability, assisted by a much longer training period than that afforded U.S. Army unit and replacements and an unmatched esprit de corps. They began to call themselves “Devil Dogs,” a name supposedly given them by their German enemies.

Infantry Attacks: Devil Dogs is an introductory game for our Infantry Attacks series, one that also take the series into many new places: gas attacks, advanced artillery rules, tanks and more. And France. The fighting takes place in France. It comes in Playbook format with 24 new scenarios pitting the Marines against the Kaiser, two map boards and 317 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces.


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