Panzer Grenadier: Edelweiss

German mountain troops fought on every front, compiling an impressive war record (and a few war crimes as well). These elite “mountaineers of the plains” saw action in all sorts of terrain and in all weather.

Edelweiss is a 64-page book supplement for the Panzer Grenadier series, based on the battles fought by German regular army and Waffen SS mountain troops. It is not a complete game: playing pieces and maps are drawn from the following Panzer Grenadier games and supplements: Road to Berlin, Battle of the Bulge, Sinister Forces, Eastern Front, Afrika Korps and Desert Rats. There are 41 (forty-one!) scenarios, each based on an actual battle or situation, plus historical background on the German mountain divisions and their exploits.

Edelweiss: RADEdelweiss: KRADEdelweiss: SKI

Edelweiss includes 161 playing pieces: 157 of them the standard 2/3-inch square pieces of the Panzer Grenadier series, and four of them double-sized monsters. Two are Soviet river monitors, and there are two versions of the giant motorized mortar "Karl."

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

Edelweiss Scenario Preview, Part One
Edelweiss Scenario Preview, Part Two
Edelweiss Scenario Preview, Part Three
Edelweiss: The New Scenarios
Pieces of Edelweiss

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