Sea of Iron:
Poland’s Fantasy Fleet

This downloadable expansion set, exclusively for Gold Club members, puts its focus on Second World War at Sea: Sea of Iron.

Poland’s Fantasy Fleet gives you the fleet the Polish admirals pretended to hope to build in the 1930’s, with battle cruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers and large destroyers. Seemingly an insane proposition, the fleet had a very real purpose: to secure the lower reaches of the Baltic Sea in the event of a war between Poland and the Soviet Union in which Germany remained neutral while Britain and France provided materiel and supplies but did not commit their own naval forces to keeping the sea lanes open. That seemed the most likely scenario for a future war, and a strong Polish Navy would be vital to victory.

There are 20 one-inch-long Polish ship pieces included. And you even get a couple of scenarios for Second World War at Sea: Sea of Iron to study this Polish war plan.

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Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

Polish Fantasy Ships
Ship Data


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