Panzer Grenadier (Modern):
Heavy Tanks

In the early 1960’s, both the United States and the Soviet Union designed and fielded heavy tanks with thick armor and enormous cannon. But even as these behemoths joined front-line forces, the medium tank grew larger and more powerful. By the mid-1960’s, the Soviet T-62 and American M-60 could easily fill the battlefield role formerly assigned to the heavy tank, and do so with better mobility. Soon the Soviet T-10 and American M-103 went into reserve, and neither would ever see combat.

Heavy Tanks is an expansion for Panzer Grenadier (Modern): Fulda Gap 1968. It has 32 new die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces for the T-10 and M103 heavy tanks, the proposed American/West German MBT70 main battle tank and the Soviet IT-1 missile tank. Plus twenty scenarios in our story-arc format with battle games to link them together.


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