Panzer Grenadier:
Darkness Falls. Austria 1938.

The situation appeared serious for Austria’s First Republic in early 1938. With Nazi Germany demanding a forced union, or Anschluss, the Austrian leadership thought to resist. The Austrian Federal Army mustered eight and a half divisions, each of them much smaller than their German counterparts, and was outnumbered 4:1 by German troops slated for the invasion with even greater discrepancies in tanks, planes and artillery. Army chief of staff Alfred Jansa had drawn up detailed plans for armed resistance, and army commander Gen. Wilhelm Zehner had carefully removed Nazi sympathizers from the officer corps. But Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg decided the situation was as hopeless as it was serious. Austria bowed to the inevitable and the Germans rolled in unopposed.

Darkness Falls is a Panzer Grenadier expansion based on the actual actions of the Austrian Federal Army against Socialist and Nazi militias in 1934, and the potential battles foreseen by the Jansa Plan in 1938. There are 32 new scenarios, with six new battle games to link them all together, and the enormous total of 330 new die-cit playing pieces.


Darkness Falls isn’t playable by itself; you’ll need Fire in the Steppe, 1940: The Fall of France, Elsenborn Ridge, Parachutes Over Crete and Slovakia’s War to enjoy all of the scenarios.


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